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With over 313 million monthly active users and around 6,000 sent tweets every second, it is highly probable that topics relevant to your industry are tweeted about regularly. Click Consult can help to implement Twitter advertising as part of your search marketing strategy, to increase your company profile both on and off social media

Twitter Paid Advertising Services:

– Customer engagement:
Engaging the customers into your business through the well-built Ads is always our high priority. We make several strategies to engage more no. of the client through the promotional tweets.

– Research and target the audience:
Running the Twitter ads without targeting the audience is of no use. We perform deep research on the audience and target them on the basis of their behavior, searches etc. to drive sales for the business.

– Content Scheduling:
We create engaging tweets and respond to mentions quickly, generating a conversation about your brand.

– Landing page development:
The development of a perfect landing page is required to make the Twitter ads effective. We match the content of the Twitter Ads and landing page to provide a good user experience to the customers.

– Campaign optimization and management:
With this service, the campaign is timely optimized to maintain its productivity. Planning is done for various aspects like budget management and bid management. This helps in improving the ROI.

– Tailoring your Twitter ads:
To increase relevancy and engagement of your campaign you can add further layers of targeting on top of the above primary methods. For example, you could tailor your ads to prospects with niche interests, a specific gender, ages or even target them at a certain stage in their life, such as new mums.

– Ad copy testing:
This service is really helpful to increase the effectiveness of Twitter Ads. By testing, we eliminate the unwanted elements of the Ad and improve its quality to get more potential customers.

Why choose us for Twitter Services?

We are completely focused on the very first step and select the right audience to drive maximum sales.

We emphasize on using the right and popular keywords to make the Ad more effective. Using the unique tweets every day for the campaign is always our high priority to seeking the user’s attention.

We always select the right timings to use promotional tweets and target the audience to attract more traffic.

We believe in tailoring the campaigns as per the latest trends and requirements of the business to engage more users.

We believe in building proper Ad management strategies to avoid any kind of failure and generate maximum leads from the business.

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