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Typically a developer can generate more traffic than I (Or any other ad agency) can drive.

-“Neil Patel”

At Orion Technosoft, we have optimized 500+ projects successfully with our expert Technical SEO Team we will improve your search engine visibility and make your website error free.

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What Do We offer?

If your website is not delivering you expected results even with advanced content marketing and SEO strategies, chances are your website has technical issues. Technical issues are the most common barrier in website ranking and performance.

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At Orion Technosoft, we follow all the white hat SEO technical methods that accelerate your website growth and improves user experience.

1. Website Audit:

We start with finding and analysis website’s technical SEO issues which may be affecting in search engine rankings.

We can fix:

3xx Redirects, 4xx Errors, 5xx Errors, Robots.txt, Crawl Errors, Image Optimization, Sitemaps, Internal and External Links, Page Speed, Meta Tags and more.

2. Competitor Analysis

We will guide you how you can stay ahead of your competitors. We use advanced tools and to analyze websites of your closest SEO competitors. We find out your main SEO competitors and compare websites, check backlinks and authority. We will suggest new platforms for backlink creation and improving website authority so that you can get a competitive edge.

Report includes:

Competitor’s domain, page authority, domain authority, backlinks, top ranking keywords, content analysis with suggestions and more.

3. Content Analysis

“Content is King”, is a quote in the world of digital marketing. Behind the success of any website there is Content. Content can be text, images, infographic, video or voice recording.

The most common problem with big websites is internal duplicate content and plagiarized content. Similar content can confuse search engine bots about the originality of content and often bots doesn’t rank the webpages.

At Orion Technosoft, our technical SEO experts will identify the content issues and suggest you the changes about sending the right signals to search engines and ranking the preferred pages within your website.

4. Backlink Analysis

Backlinks is a powerful ranking signals and it can generate tons of traffic. But bad backlinks can affect your website ranking and penalize your website. Our team will analyze your website’s backlinks and check the quality of backlinks.

We will assess your website’s backlink profile and suggest disavowing links, if required.

5. Structured Data Markup

Structure date markup helps search engine to understand website and webpages. Structure data can boost your website ranking and helps in achieving rich results.

Rich Snippets are search results, when you type specific keyword/query in search box. For example type “apple pie” in search engine box and you can will rich snippets with apple pie recipe, beautiful images and star ratings/reviews.

Our SEO expert team will create structure data markup codes and implement in your website to help in understanding your website for better rankings

6. Speed Optimization

Website Speed is one of the signals used by Google Algorithms. It also improves user experience and reduce bounce rate.

We will optimize page speed for desktop and mobile devices. We will also create AMP pages for slow internet connection that will speed up page loading time on mobile devices.

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