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Orion Technosoft plays very important role in bringing up a business through SEO expert services offered in Pune. We set the ball rolling as a Top SEO Company in Pune. SEO renders your business and works as a whole package of benefits when Orion Technosoft, SEO expert services company offers you the advantage of your business reaching heights you cannot imagine. SEO focus your business, client locus you.

Write Content Better

Content writes better when you see the rendering of your business on Google search results, whether your business is on a small scale or large scale. Business makes sense when it is found by many and known by many. Orion Technosoft previews your content and also helps you write better in terms on SEO Expert business services.

Page Analysis

Analysing your website page is like analysing your business, only you know what the best for your business is. You don’t forget minute things that will boost your business and we don’t forget what you’re bound to forget when it comes to alt tags, Meta description, and headings and sub-headings containing the focused keyword of your business post. Orion Technosoft, Pune being the best SEO Service Provider not only analyses your business but also your needs towards your business.

Technical Search Engine Optimization

A technical SEO Specialist known as Orion Technosoft always provides solutions out of the box, just needing more business tweaks here and there. Yoast lets you boast about your business, just guiding you through some of the settings needed to be visible on Google and other search engine that like your meta tags and link elements so much that they pull you from infinite pages of Google and directly places you on the first page of Google.

Meta and Link Elements

Orion Technosoft, SEO service provider is the best element for your business. When you have control of your business on Google, that is the best feeling and achievement one can get. You know what is best for your business and only you can control what you want to show on Search Engines like Google, yahoo, Bing etc. A better and best preview can only be given by the best SEO specialist known as Orion Technosoft in Pune.

 XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps helps your pages to automatically get added to the drone so you can spot the things that should’nt be here. Orion Technosoft pioneers as the top SEO companies in Pune, India and also worldwide. Sitemaps play a vital role in SEO and lets you keep contact of all your pages on the website as it gets automatically linked.

SEO Company in Pune

Orion Technosoft offers Affordable SEO Services on a large scale, keeping in mind the customers budget and his business point of view and strategy to earn source of Income. Focus SEO, Locus Business and Bonus money is all that you need, and if you do it all right, you become easier to find too. Orion Technosoft lists in the Top Seo Companies in Pune and will acquire all over the world.
We know SEO and we do it right. Experience always matters, when you are doing SEO and it helps to give solutions. With more power comes more responsibilities, but with experience comes better solution to a business. Orion Technosoft always follows timelines, follow-ups and deadlines when it comes to Professional SEO Company services offered in Pune,India.
A list of all the stories tickets are being created on our project management tool when we work on SEO Project.

SEO Services Offered

On Page SEO

• Write better Content
• Page Analysis
• Technical Search Engine Optimization
• Meta and Link Elements
• XML Sitemaps
• Website Optimization
• Breadcrumbs
• Edit your .HTACCESS and ROBOTS.txt file
• Social Integrations

Off Page SEO

• Submissions of your websites to relevant directories
• Creating quality backlinks
• User Profile made easy on Social Media accounts
• Post shares
• Video Commenting
• Blog Commenting


Submissions help your website to be consistently on top and tell search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc that your website is constantly getting updated and it helps the spiders to crawl your website. A spider web can only be made if your website consistently keeps feeding data to the web that may help the crawler to crawl your website.

 Reports and Ranking

Orion Technosoft provides the ranking reports every 10 days to see the growth of your ranking and to keep on working on new strategies to help your business reach top.


“Competition is never between Hundreds or Thousands; it is always between the first TWO, THREE or FOUR.”

Orion Technosoft, Best SEO Company in Pune.

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